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[20210829] Init Changes

The baseinit package will be updated to make using other init systems, service
managers and device managers easier than before (and to remove hardcoded
assumptions (on busybox) or otherwise unconfigurable behavior). Also, the
distribution will provide s6 and sinit as alternatives to busybox init.

* Provided with s6 is an optional init (based on Rich Felker's Init) that execs
  into s6-svscan making s6 PID 1 for the runtime of the system.

* The baseinit package will no longer provide the inittab file. This is now
  instead provided by the busybox package.

* Documentation can be found here:

  - baseinit $/kisslinux/init/blob/master/README
  - rc.conf  $/kisslinux/init/blob/master/etc/rc.conf
  - s6       $/kisslinux/repo/blob/1a3fbbd0b211e89e7d4df3b9225573a30edd3812/extra/s6/README
  - sinit    $/kisslinux/repo/blob/1a3fbbd0b211e89e7d4df3b9225573a30edd3812/extra/sinit/README

* The work itself can be seen here:

  - $/kisslinux/init
  - $/kisslinux/repo/pull/325

This change will be made in one week (05/09/2021). For those using busybox
(init, mdev, runit) (distribution defaults) this should be a non-breaking
change, else setup your /etc/rc.conf file to match your setup and await the
update. Refer to the above documentation for more information.


Dylan Araps (C) 2019-2021

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